Fig. 1. White Star Line Binoculars and Carry Case

White Star Line Binoculars

Other White Star Line Vessels, 1900, Tom Rudderham Collection
A fully working set of binoculars, with original case.

All White Star Line vessels, including the RMS Titanic, had multiple pairs of binoculars that were used by officers and lookouts to spot distant ships, objects, and landmarks. To aid in this task, these binoculars included three lenses with different focal lengths, which could be selected by revolving a button on the side. These lenses were designed for use at sea, on field, and during sports.

This set of binoculars was issued by White Star Line for use onboard one its vessels (unknown). The lenses were made by Sharman D Neill in Belfast. A company based in Donegall Place, Belfast, during the late 19th and first decade of the 20th century. Sharman manufactured naval instruments, military binoculars, and telescopes.

The binoculars are still in working order, and still feature the original leather strap, albeit worn from use. The original case and holding strap is also present.

  • Other White Star Line Vessels
  • 1900
  • Artefact, Disaster Exhibition, Life onboard, Titanic Disaster
  • Brass, leather
  • WSL.013
  • 11.5cm x 8cm