White Star Line Adriatic Gala Dinner Menu

A rare Gala menu from the RMS Adriatic.

The RMS Adriatic was the fourth of a quartet of ships dubbed “The Big Four”. The Adriatic was the largest, fastest, and most luxurious of the Big Four, being the first ocean liner to have an indoor swimming pool and a Turkish bath.

This Gala menu is dated September 12th, 1932, and reads:

Gala Dinner

Hors d'(uvre Variés
Jellied Consommé en Tasse
Consommé Grenade
Velour Florenza
Fillets of Turbot. Poché, Brightonaise
Sweetbreads à la Marsilly
Roast Prime Sirloin of Beef, Hominy Beignets
French Beans
Carrots, Béchamel
Patna Rice
Boiled, Browned and Pont-neuf Potaroes
Braised Turkey, Chestnut Purée
Salade Thérèse
Pouding Japonnaise
Poires Princesse
Vanilla Ice Cream, Wafers