Titanic Relief Fund Cheque

RMS Titanic, 1917, Tom Rudderham Collection

A Titanic Relief Fund cheque, for Mr J Smith, Assistant Baker onboard the Titanic, and dated April 1917.

The Titanic disaster resulted in a global surge of philanthropy and donations, aimed at the surviving widows and their children. In one collection alone — the Lord Mayor of the City of London’s Mansion House fund — more than £414,000 was amassed for distribution to victims’ dependants. The Titanic Relief Fund was foundered with the aim of supporting widows and dependents of the Titanic’s crew who were lost in the disaster. Some families were given weekly allowances, while others applied for help with education and apprenticeship fees. For those who were given a weekly allowance, the support was split into seven classes:

  • Class A: officers and engineers. Widow £2 0s. 0d., children 7s. 6d.
  • Class B: saloon stewards and bedroom stewards. Widow £1 12s. 6d., children 6s. 3d.
  • Class C: lower class stewards, catering, boots, bakers, bedroom stewards. Widow £1 7s. 6d., children 5s. 6d.
  • Class D: stewards. Widow £1 0s. 0d., children 3s. 6d.
  • Class E: second class stewards, stewardesses, senior firemen. Widow 17s. 6d., children 2s. 6d.
  • Class F: greasers. Widow 15s. 0d., children 2s. 6d.
  • Class G: firemen, scullions, lower class stewards. Widow 12s. 6d., children 2s. 6d.
  • RMS Titanic
  • 1917
  • Titanic Disaster
  • Paper
  • 401.006
  • 20cm x 10cm