RMS Titanic Hull Fragment

RMS Titanic, 1911 (recovered 1998), Tom Rudderham Collection
A huge piece of the Titanic’s hull, recovered in 1998, which wrapped around one of the ship's rivets.

Recovered by RMS TITANIC INC. in 1998, the Big Piece is a large section of the Titanic’s starboard side hull, weighs approximately 15 tons, and measures 26 by 12 feet.

This smaller fragment was deposited during the restoration process. It wrapped around one of the ship’s rivets, and likely came from the inside of the hull, rather than the outside, as demonstrated by the bulge around the rivet edge. While heavily corroded, closer examination along the left edge shows almost pristine iron.

Macroscopic examinations of the alloy show the presence of sediments (salt), rusticles, and sulphur (0.6%).

  • RMS Titanic
  • 1911 (recovered 1998)
  • Artefact, Disaster Exhibition, Structural Artefacts, Titanic Disaster, Titanic Expeditions
  • Wrought iron
  • 401.002
  • 9cm x 8cm

Steel, fragmented, heavily corroded, and with rust damage.