Titanic and Olympic – first recorded newspaper announcement

RMS Olympic, RMS Titanic, 1908, Tom Rudderham Collection

This newspaper clipping represents the first time the names “Titanic” and “Olympic” were ever mentioned. The names were rumoured in an article dated April 23rd, 1908, for the newspaper The Daily News. The piece reads:


Official confirmation comes from Liverpool of our correspondent’s message of a few days since that the White Star Company intend to build one or two huge vessels to surpass in size any other ships in the world.

The company issued an announcement yesterday that two steamers are to be built for them at Belfast, and that the keels will be laid down within the next two months. Once, as our correspondent stated, will be called the Olympic. Both turbines and reciprocating engines will be supplied, and a speed of not less than 21 knots is to be guranteed.

Information from Belfast, in addition to the company’s statement, is to the effect that the new vessels will be 840 feet long and 78 feet broad. This will make them about 40 feet longer than the two largest existing Cunarders, and give them an estimated tonnage of from 45,000 to 50,000 gross. It is also stated that the name of the second vessel will be the Titanic.”

  • RMS Olympic, RMS Titanic
  • 1908
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