RMS Olympic Ocean Times Newspaper

RMS Olympic, 1921, Tom Rudderham Collection

A excellent condition copy of the Ocean Times, printed onboard the RMS Olympic January 1st, 1921. A similar newspaper was printed onboard the RMS Titanic, albeit no copies survive.

The Ocean Times was printed onboard White Star Line ships for passengers to read during their voyage. This particular copy was printed on New Years Day, and details trade with Russia, the Stock Markets, and a Christmas truce in Ireland. Advertisements include the Marconi wireless system, ginger beer, and car hire within London.

Slight ageing to the front and back cover are present, as is a child’s pencil drawing on the back.

RMS Olympic Ocean Times Inside
RMS Olympic Ocean Times Inside 2
  • RMS Olympic
  • 1921
  • Life onboard, Paper Ephemera
  • Paper
  • 400.005
  • 21cm x 28cm