RMS Olympic Grand Staircase Door Handles

RMS Olympic, 1911, Tom Rudderham Collection
A beautiful pair of door handles that once adorned the vestibule doors that served as the A-deck entrance to the first-class Grand Staircase.

The iconic Grand Staircase is one of the first images that comes to mind when thinking of the Titanic and Olympic. These two iron door handles were once attached to the vestibule doors that opened onto the forward Grand Staircase on Olympic’s A-Deck. There were only two of these doors on the Olympic, on each side of the Grand Staircase. These handles were present for the entirety of the Olympic’s 24-year career, and are identical to handles found on the Titanic’s Grand Staircase.

While there are no photos of the vestibule doors in-situ, they were captured in illustration form for a coloured postcard of the Olympic’s Grand Staircase (see image 4 below). One door was photographed shortly before it was sold at auction on 4 September, 2004, at the old Akzo Noble paint factory in Haltwhistle, England. One of these handles can be seen in its original place. See photos 5 below.

  • RMS Olympic
  • 1911
  • Artefact, Structural Artefacts
  • Iron
  • 400.018
  • 9 x 9cm