RMS Olympic First-Class Passenger List

RMS Olympic, 1929, Tom Rudderham Collection

A first-class passenger list, from the RMS Olympic.

Dated February 23rd, 1929, this booklet was given to all first-class passengers as they boarded the Olympic. A similar booklet was also provided to passengers on the Titanic. It details a number of interesting things about life onboard, including:

  • Times for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • How and where to send wireless telegrams.
  • How to reserve a table for dinner.
  • Prices for deck chairs, rugs, cushions, and more.
  • Surgery services and times.
  • Turkish baths and swimming pool prices.
  • Barber services and times.
  • The meaning behind Officers sleeve stripes.
  • A full list of all first-class passengers onboard.
RMS Olympic Passenger List Inside 1
RMS Olympic Passenger List Inside 2
RMS Olympic Passenger List Inside 3
RMS Olympic Passenger List Inside 4
  • RMS Olympic
  • 1929
  • Life onboard, Paper Ephemera
  • Paperr
  • 400.009
  • 13.5cm x 21cm