First Class Dinner Plate in Wisteria Pattern

RMS Olympic, 1911, Tom Rudderham Collection

A beautiful example of a First Class dinner plate, dated 3/1911, making it likely to be from the RMS Olympic's maiden voyage.

As a First Class passenger you could expect to enjoy a wide variety of food, in one of the finest rooms onboard. The First Class dining saloon was positioned in the centre of the vessel, helping to limit the effects of a rolling ship at sea. 

Breakfast was served 8–10 AM, where passengers could choose between four types of egg, three types of potato, and smoked salmon.

Lunch took place between 1–2.30 PM. The menu included a variety of English and French cheeses.

Dinner was between 7-8.15 PM, with an 11-course meal that featured punch romaine, roasted pigeon, and an asparagus salad sprinkled with Champagne saffron vinaigrette.

  • RMS Olympic
  • Artefact, Chinaware, Dining
  • Chinaware
  • 400.023