Father Browne Titanic photo collection

RMS Titanic, 1912, Tom Rudderham Collection

If it weren’t for two enterprising photographers – Francis Browne and Kate Odell – we would have no photographs of life onboard the Titanic. Both disembarked at Queenstown, the last port of call on the ship’s route to New York, ensuring their photos would be saved for future generations.

Browne was only onboard for a single night, staying in cabin A-37 on the Promenade Deck. He was gifted a ticket for the ship’s maiden voyage from his uncle, and travelled from Southampton to Queenstown before continuing his theological studies.

Browne took dozens of photographs onboard Titanic, including its gymnasium, the Marconi room, the first-class dining saloon, his own cabin, and of passengers enjoying walks on the Promenade and Boat decks. He also captured the last known images of many crew and passengers, including Captain Edward J. Smith, gymnasium manager T. W. McCawley, and engineer William Parr.

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