Debris recovered from Titanic wreck site

RMS Titanic, 1911 (recovered 1996), Tom Rudderham Collection
These small fragment of debris were recovered from the Titanic wreck site in 1996.

These three pieces of debris were accidentally scooped up during a research mission to collect samples of muddy sediment from around the Titanic. The researchers mission was to look for sea-life on the deep ocean floor, and they discovered that for every 13 litres of mud, approximately 1 litre was comprised of worms, anthropods, and hard-shelled limpets.

Given the thickness of the glass piece, it likely came from one of the Titanic’s port holes, rather than a window. Stained yellow and covered in micro fractures, it is a sobering reminder of the sheer destruction that took place when the ship broke in half and sank.

The circular piece of chinaware is believed to be part of a cabin light switch, white it is impossible to determine where the fragment of metal originated from.

  • RMS Titanic
  • 1911 (recovered 1996)
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